Stainless Steel Bar Counters

Stainless Steel Bar Counters


As anyone in the bar business knows, cleanliness, functionality and speed of use are critical to operations success, when using a bar setup. With over fifty years of combined experience in design and manufacturing of quality stainless and mild steel bar counters, BKR will help you achieve the right level of functionality through a well-designed and solidly crafted bar system.

BKR Stainless can help you with custom made stainless steel bar counters please contact us now or call us on 01 405 6765 and tell us about your specific requirements.

Using our attention to detail, awareness of innovations and talent in design advancements, we will discuss options with you so we can create and deliver the right system for your bar. After all, the bar system is where your bartenders and service personnel will be able to fully exert their talents for your bar’s ultimate success.

There are a multitude of options available for bar counters. Speed rails, sinks, ice wells, dishwashing areas, cabinets, supports, shelves, drawers, cabinets, order of placement and other options will be explored to ensure your bar setup is precisely as you need it, to ensure optimum suitability and functionality.

Because our bar counters are bespoke designed and manufactured, your needs are our main focus. We are fully available to answer all of your questions and provide the information you need to make solid decisions toward optimum design for the fullest functionality and smoothest operation of your facility.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your specific bar counter design and configuration needs, feel free to call us now at 01 405 6765 or email us

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