Stainless Steel Hand Rails

Stainless Steel Hand Rails


Hand rails are important for safety of customers and personnel, alike. Hand rails may be designed to blend into the surrounding environment and décor. They also may provide a way to visually contribute to a space and can be designed as a focal point.

BKR Stainless can help you with custom made stainless steel hand rails please contact us now or call us on 01 405 6765 and tell us about your specific requirements.

Our hand rails are manufactured to suit your design needs and specifications with quality and strength to adequately support the requirements of even high traffic areas. We offer bespoke design services for production of hand rails to suit your specific needs.

There are a variety of options when manufacturing hand rails. Your rails may be curved or rounded at the ends, connections and turns. Or, you may choose more angled effects with concise edges. Flanges, elbows, fittings, spheres and hemispheres are additional components of hand rails. Hand rails have varied options in bracket design, finishes and other aspects toward production of the optimum railing for your purposes and environment.

At BKR, we will work with you to ensure you receive the hand rails your project requires. Our combined experience of over fifty years in steel product design and manufacturing provides us with the ability to expertly help you with your bar, kitchen or restaurant needs. We remain educated and aware of the latest industry advancements and innovations and pass our expert knowledge on to you through our top quality production.

We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you with your hand rail project. Please call us today at 01 405 6765 or email


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