Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Stainless Steel Wine Racks


When storing bottles of wine, not just any shelving will suffice. Full wine bottles are heavy, particularly in bulk. Standard store-bought shelving can buckle and collapse under this weight and may not provide stability needed to keep bottles from rolling and breaking.

BKR Stainless can help you with custom made stainless steel wine racks please contact us now or call us on 01 405 6765 and tell us about your specific requirements.

Our wine racks are designed with quality and functionality in mind. We use quality steel in our manufacturing of wine racks with stability, durability and convenience built right into the design. Whether you need a slanted shelf display rack, a small rack for few bottles, many racks for cases of wine, an entire wine cellar outfitted, or a mobile cart with casters, BKR will provide the right solution in enduring steel.

BKR was founded by David Moran and Jason Carrol, who have a combined total of over fifty years of steel product design and manufacturing. At BKR, we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our customers receive quality steel products designed to their specifications, wants and most functional use. We remain on top of steel design innovations and advancements, so you will gain the benefit of knowing your products will be of the latest quality and enduring design.

Contact us today, so we may provide you with the quality wine racks you need. Our telephone is 01 405 6765 and our email address is

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