Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

Stainless Steel Wall Shelves


Steel wall shelves and brackets are designed for quick and easy access to what is needed within your kitchen, restaurant, bar or other food service operations. Shelves are designed and manufactured to suit your specific space and needs, so you and your service personnel will experience maximum functionality with extended durability.

BKR Stainless can help you with custom made stainless steel wall shelves please contact us now or call us on 01 405 6765 and tell us about your specific requirements.

Our steel wall shelves offer great benefit to a culinary or other service workspace. They provide more immediate review of placed items and quicker access, which can be important during food preparation and delivery service. Steel wall shelves free up counter and cabinet space for other, more important usage. Because they are steel, our shelves resist heat of prepared foods and are easily sanitised to remain within food preparation and serving standards. Steel shelves are much more sanitary than shelves of other material construction.

We at BKR have been designing and manufacturing steel shelves for a combined total of over fifty years. We are able to provide bespoke design, so your shelves will fit your specific space, needs and quality. Shelves and brackets provide secure and stable functionality where and how you need them.

We can design at a multitude of widths and lengths with the appropriate number of supports for enduring stability. We can manufacture with downward rolled rims, stallion edging, as wire racks and with other options.

If you have any questions regarding design or options, or if you would like to discuss your specific wall shelving needs, feel free to call us now at 01 405 6765 or email us


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